Wednesday, January 18, 2012

James Morris & Phil Tourney

False Flag Attacks: USS Liberty & 9/11


  1. Hello Dr. Fetzer:

    Could you please cover the Schapelle Corby case, which originated in Australia? I have never seen the media so publicly lynch one person. It is appalling and frightening. Would Greg Hallet know anything about it? Please cover the story, Jim. It is sad. The woman is in danger of dying from grief in prison. She has been driven insane by her sad plight. Words fail me in describing the unfairness of the situation. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Nigel. I will see what I can do. It sounds to me like an excellent idea.

    2. Bless you, Jim. Keep up the good work.

  2. Morris is a brilliant guy. Does he write for veterans today? I dont recognize his name. He could do well to put out some podcasts of his own.

  3. according to Burton Hersh, the USS liberty attack was planned in Washington as a pretext for a full scale invasion of egypt to topple nasser.

    it's worth noting that the planning for the israeli attack on its neighbors in 67, according to interviewees on a history channel documentary on the topic [not that they r reputable!], took 3 years and began in early '64. they claim that they received intelligence that they were going to b attacked and decided to beat the arabs to the punch.

    in other words they started planning just after jfk dies. this might b relevant for these reasons:
    1) jfk and ben gurion hated each other and, according to ms lincoln jfk's secretary, they had some audibly ferocious conversations over the phone with jfk being uncharacteristically undiplomatic with the israeli PM. it is widely believed [hersh too] that the israelis wanted nuclear weapons and jfk said no every time.
    2) one of the controversies which jfk researchers have not investigated enuf [imho] is the yemen affair. a civil war developed there between marxists rebels and a western puppet government. the puppet was supported by the Saudis who were actively helping him. egypt's nasser sent troops into yemen to help the other side prompting the pentagoons to call for a US intervention to oust the egyptians. jfk said no, but added that if Saudi A was invaded the US would intervene. [remember saudi oil is 20 percent owned by americans, not to mention refining, exploration etc] this really angered the M/I/C as nasser had provided the pretext by invading yemen.

    back to the liberty: according to hersh richard helms headed up the planning and the operation was called 'room 303' [or something like that]. the plan was for the israelis to down the ship and the egyprtians would b blamed. unfortunately [for the traitors that is] the israelis werent able to take the ship down before a russian ship passed by and saw everything making the mission then impossible.

    not vouching for any of this, just an FYI for anyone who might b interested. it would explain lbj's strange behavior however.

    ps: dont b fooled by sheurer. he's not 'ex' CIA. he's on tv all the time to stake out the 'dissident' position and appear to b anti-agency. if he were he wouldnt b on TV--he might even suffer a worse fate if he actually double-crossing the agency.

  4. Oops! forgot to mention hersh's book. it's called The Old Boys, and it's about US intelligence generally. the uss liberty incident was just a small part.

  5. a show on Schapelle Corby would b great, but how about a show on america's number on political prisoner--lynne stewart. let's not forget that she's in prison on absolutely absurd charges of aiding terrorists.

    she was the 'blind sheikh's' lawyer. the latter was accused in the first false flag twin tower bombing in '93. her investigation uncovered the FBI's involvement in providing the explosives etc. she was going to present this stuff at trial but they ginned up these charges anmd she's been in prison ever since.

    in other words, she's the jim garrison of our time. garrison was never imprisoned [or worse] cuz he really didnt have direct eveidence against the government[at least not after ferry was killed], just a so-so case against shaw. stewart had the FBI dead to rights--andon audio tape plotting the explosion.

    i hope jim will consider devoting a show to her.