Wednesday, December 7, 2011

James R. Hanson

Chemtrails, 9/11 and more



    watch this this at 0:30 through 1:59 and tell me these poor people arent being vaporized hanging from the windows.. the fumes are coming from their faces and limbs.. it's horrible to watch but definitely some sort of weapon is cooking these poor people... We need to figure out what caused this because it definitely wasn't thermite or mini nukes!
    Judy Wood needs more exposure!

  2. I have no doubt that those who were stuck genuinely in the towers (fewer than claimed, but some reduced by the weaponry into dust), were "cooked" in a weird way or several weird ways.

    But I don't see the fumes from them. Perhaps it's because it's not stabilized. I do see fumes coming around them. I did look carefully, but I'm willing to look again if you point out where specifically and which people you think show it well.

    The thesis about people fuming or being "x-waved" (i.e., "x" as "unknown" type of wave), is required; why required? because of the thesis through Judy's points about the WTC; and her points are in turn required by the evidence if carefully analyzed. But I don't actually see the existence of microwaving in this video as you claim there is.