Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morgan Reynolds

9/11 Research / Toronto Critique


  1. Thank you, Morgan, for mentioning my book, Facts talk but the Guilty Walk: the 9/11 No Hijacker Theory and Its Indictment of Our Leaders.

    I had a few corrections of some of your comments:

    At around the 25:00 mark on the podcast, you state correctly that I cite the Boston Globe, which you view as a bad source. But you omit the significance of my use of the Globe. The newspaper gives contradictory reports on which gate Flight 11 left from, which led me to have doubts about the flight itself.

    At around the 33:00 mark, you state that I claim that Gate 26 was used for Flight 11 and that Gate 32 was used for Flight 175. However, I conclude on page 92 of Facts Talk that the Flight 11 “passengers” went to Flight 175 and that there was no Flight 11. On the same page, I say that Flight 175 left from Gate 19.

    At around the 35:00 mark, you quote the 9/11 Commission Report as saying that no one recognized the hijackers to prove there were no passengers. I simply refer to a group of people that Der Spiegel interviewed who said they saw people who appeared to be passengers at Gate 26. I never say that any of them were said to have been hijackers. I suggest that these people were simply used as props and do not identify any by name.

    The lack of named witnesses is noted, but it does not disprove the existence of people at that gate at that time. The appearance of a group at Gate 26 does connect with a flight for which I believe there is sufficient evidence to support, number 175. It also could have been a way for plotters to lead us to believe in Flight 11, for which there is little evidence otherwise.

    Dean Hartwell

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