Monday, September 12, 2011

Jim Fetzer / Kevin Barrett

9/11 Across the Board


  1. when Reagan & Congress pumped the $2.5 Billion into Tesla's 4-piece Death Ray apparatus, it took on the "space" possibilities to mimic what it could already do on Earth in respect to leveling armies or 10,000 airplanes.

    Tesla died broke in his 80s, he didn't have the cash to reduce it in size, but the technology remains.

    as it stood when he was 78 years old, it could be fired from a large, stationary structure or reduced in size to be fired from a battleship, able to hit any target within 200 miles.

    i'm sold on it, the spire, the dust. and especially the chopper i refer to as "Special Navy Chopper Hoc Blocker" because it's immune to the post hoc fallacy, that thing flew up there in the smoke, there was a blue flash, then there was a tremor, and the damned building fell as it flew off.

    “Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.”- Nikola Tesla

    “You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.”- Nikola Tesla

  2. The more I read and checkout/cross reference Judy woods descriptions of toasted cars and fuming debri.. The eerie electrical misty flame like metal fires.. The rust.. The non self quenching evidence..the physical testimony of the jumpers and phone conversations of people being microwaved.. The fuming of building 7 and pieces of 1 and 2 falling to the earth and of course the spire. I for one, know we're not in fucking Kansas anymore. How Kevin Barrett (and everybody else for that matter) is able to ignore those things I will never understand.

  3. Great presentation, Jim. You mentioned your 20 reasons why 9/11 was a total con job. Strangely I have been searching Google the last few days with the words " 22 reasons why the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a conspiracy " and various permutations of and additions to those words. After a long exhaustive search I didn't find anything that I liked. I firmly believe there WAS a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK and was wondering if you could cite 22 reasons why you believe there was a conspiracy behind the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I picked the number 22 for obvious reasons. I would really appreciate if you could help with this, Jim.


  4. You should be looking for "16 'Smoking Guns'", which I present in MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000). See if you can track down a copy. It may be the most important book ever published on JFK, with 9 experts on different aspects of the case, including three brilliant studies -- of the medical evidence, the Zapruder film, and the silence of the historians -- by David W. Mantik.