Friday, August 26, 2011

Dennis Cimino

Everything about 9/11


  1. Glad this interview with Dennis Cimino is now at the 9-11 tenth anniversary because it powerfully counters the onslaught of nauseating killing big lies we are all being subjected to from not only the mainstream media and all the NYC commemorations garbage, but from like 99 percent of the “patriot” Internet radio shows on and Republic Broadcasting Network and even the Ron Paul gang.

    It was interesting that Dennis thinks the “explosions going off everywhere” in the Towers probably means a classic controlled demolition of the Towers. If the “explosions going off everywhere” in the towers is true, then in order for Dr. Judy Wood’s scenario to be true, the explosions would have had to be inserted and set off as a “red herrings” or deliberately placed dead-end rabbit trails to mimic a classic controlled demolition of timed detonations etc., and were not explosions that did the actual job. Or, of course, the explosions were connected to the real way the destruction took place. (There are many other evidences of deliberately inserted red herrings to occupy as part of their grand deception.)

    Directed energy weapons, though we know almost nothing specific regarding how they would “act”, would probably not have regularly timed/spaced detonations/explosions as part of their performance.

    The Thermite Gang (Dr. Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Richard Gage and spawn deceived and/or disinfo groups such as 9-11 Scholars for Truth and Justice, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth,,, et al. possibly could have use for this at least appearance of classic controlled demolition in order to employ and peddle the sell the “Plan B distraction” that the Thermite Gang seems to be peddling these days (Building 7, “explosive controlled demolition” “we need a new investigation” yadda yadda). The Thermite Gang is definitely and deliberately, albeit unscientifically, implying that since WTC 7 was controlled demolition, the WTC Twin Towers had to have been also. Also they say the “nano-thermite” dust was from all three of these buildings, more B S [ Bad Science ].

    I think the whole “nano-thermite” thing is false and was used and sold solely for the false distraction, run out the clock, game the gang is pushing now. I do not think, but don’t rule out, nano-thermite having done any of the necessary work in the Tower destruction sequence.

    I think Norman Mineta is totally scripted for the plan. See my comment about him at

    I equate “the Mossad”, Israel, Zionists, neocons, PNAC, PNAC v 2.0 aka FPI – Foreign Policy Initiatve, more directly with the international banksters’ looting and takedown of USA and world economy and the establishment of the one world government death and slavery system, and not directly with the nation state of Israel or the religion of Judaism. Deez guys indiscriminately lie, cheat, steal and mass murder and are no respecters of any nation or people or any people’s DNA profile.

    Their plans and actions are not characterized by any kind of reason or intelligence but by a twisted brilliant psychopathy and nihilism.

  2. Dennis said . . . We are in general agreement overall, but in my short two hours with James Fetzer, I did not get into more detail about Israel and who controls them, which I will here:

    As you may not be aware, Israel was created by the combination of the Balfour Agreement of 1919, and another act of infamy in 1948, for Lord Rothschilds.

    The Rothschilds currently hold half of the known wealth on earth, nearly 800 trillion worth of it in real estate and financial instruments, inclusive of precious metals and other means of wealth. All but ‘nine’ of the central banks are controlled by them, and the FEDERAL RESERVE is for the most part, one of their holdings.

    So when I cite ‘Israel’ in my information, I am indirectly referencing the bankers, and more to the point, all of the Rothschilds affiliates such are most of the Bilderbergers.

    This in no way implies ‘jews’ of the sephardic kind had anything to do with what took place either on Sept. 11th, 2001, or in May of 1967 against he U.S.S. Liberty, or the
    Mossad attacks on U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon, or the murder of more U.S. Military at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and for that matter, the Mossad attack on the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen, blamed unjustly on Osama Bin Laden but carried out by Israel.

    So I needed to clarify that calling out ‘Israel’ is, in fact, calling out the war profiteers known as ROTHSCHILDS and all of their affiliates, which includes the Vatican and the Catholic Church who’ve turned over financial control of the entire Catholic church since around 1823 or thereabouts.

    Rothschilds have bankrolled both sides of most conflicts thru their central banks and the IMF, since they matriculated out of the Frankfurt ghetto’s as primarily ‘loan sharks’ and ‘brothel’ owners. But we do share total agreement overall, and I do hope you would see that war profiteering for what it’s worth, has been the primary driving force for almost all of the bloodletting since family Rothschilds progeny matriculated out of the Frankfurt ghetto and took over most of the globe’s central banks.

  3. What a great break it down interview that even goes further in diminishing any doubt that I may have had about loose ends regarding 911.. This one is a classic and should be on youtube (with visuals, ie, the corroded rivet holes etc.) with a billion hits... simply amazing.
    So do you guys think that Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Richard Gage and maybe even Alex jones are co-pro? Do you think that they know they are if so???

  4. the bodies at the Pentagon were recovered they say, if you look at the Moussaoui trial photos. of course one of them is a burned male fully intact, which is nowhere consistent with a person who supposedly was just in a 500 mph, head-on collision with a bunker, with only a lap belt on.

  5. JEANNON's comment is particularly interesting, thanks for sharing. I think Khalezov was correct when he said the nano-thermite was a major deception/disinfo plant. These nano-thermite guys insist on a new investigation, when we know the entire system is complicit and incapable of a real legitimate investigation. I was shocked when Steve Farney explained that AE has not even tested for standard explosives or investigated the Pentagon situation!

    We need to arrest the major players on 9/11, in particular Silverstein, Cheney, Zahkeim, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Jerome Hauer, ALL OF THOSE MOSSAD/MILITARY-INTELLIGENCE GUYS FROM ISRAEL ARRESTED PRIOR TO AND ON 9/11, ect.

    This was easily the best radio program I've ever heard discussing 9/11. Great work Jim and Dennis!!

  6. Dennis writes . . .

    as is always the case with disinfo campaigns, be they Mossad or CIA or FBI (virtually all of these are zionist controlled) the technique is to lure you in with some obvious truth, such as Khazelov did with the statement about the Nano Thermite. But his mini nuke b.s., minus any EMP effects from the resultant massive discharge of COMPTON ELECTRONS from the detonations, says otherwise to that stuff. Also, there is insufficient radiological footprint for such use of mini or micro nukes. At some point if you ratchet the yield down, the size and weight of the device then rivals conventional explosives which are then much more powerful in nature, so why use them in the first place? I have to offhand state here for the record that Khazelov's stuff is more of a distraction than it is relevant, except to point out once again that these COIN OP boys will by necessity dump some truth in with the bullshit and then later, as per my radio interview, decry that the whole thing was wrong or tainted and by virtue of that, collapse the tent on all who bought into it.

    We're seeing that now with David Ray Griffin, who I used to believe in, but no longer can, when he is supporting the position that a B-757 struck the Pentagon, in support of real disinformation being put out at 911blogger and Democratic Underground, two fully CO-OPTED truth blogs. Just as I said, one by one, virtually all of the once thought of as trustworthy TRUTH organizations will tumble, under this kind of Cass Sunstein infiltration of them all.

    In any case, 'Thank You' for listening and be advised that now Philip Zelikow has been annointed by O'usurper to a 'cabinet post' hovering over Intelligence Agencies. This is a very very very bad sign, as the nation slips ever deeper into zionist controlled puppet dictatorship run out of London and Tel Aviv. We are now in the end game here in this country, and things will get very ugly very fast with such changes being hastily implemented by the frightened puppet who got installed to give us 'CHANGE YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT POSSIBLY BELIEVE IS REALLY HAPPENING' as our extension of the Bush doctrine, or more to the point, Bush term 'six' if you count George H.W. Bush's '3' terms via Reagan's puppetancy, and his own one term, and Junior's two additional illegal and destructive terms by virtue of Antonin Scalia's treason in 2001, and now O'Liar's added insult to all of that injury.

  7. Hi Dennis, I thought Khalezov's testimony was fascinating, and quite convincing actually. I still don't think anyone knows exactly what happened on 9/11, but I'm open to different ideas. I like hearing everyone out, including you and Khalezov. You really did a phenomenal job in this interview. Like I said, one of the best I've ever heard relating to 9/11.

    What do you make of the 1976 (I think, off the top of my head here) US-Soviet Treaty which Khalezov talks about? The treaty requiring each country to inform the other of any nuclear devices or pursuits of a non-military function, like demolitions? I've had two separate people privately email me to confirm what Khalezov alleges about the nuclear devices being built into the WTC when they were constructed is in fact true to their knowledge as well. When I first heard Khalezov's story on Kevin Barrett's show, I was really drawn in. I wrote a pretty long, detailed article about his testimony, which I should probably go back and update, but haven't yet. Of course, I don't think he's 100% right on about everything, but who is?

    To me, what he says makes sense, but I certainly don't have the scientific background or technical skills to really investigate this matter. Jeff Prager has written a book arguing along the same lines as Khalezov. Check it out.

    Khalezov says:

    1. Mossad organized and orchestrated 9/11 (I agree).
    2. There were no Boeing 767s crashing into any buildings in New York on 9/11 (I agree).
    3. Nano-thermite was a plant to distract attention away from the major issues surrounding 9/11 (I agree).

    One last question I'll pose to you and other commenters, one which I struggle with: would Khalezov completely make up the story about Mike Hariri confessing to organizing 9/11 for the Mossad? To me, Khalezov seemed like a very genuine, honest man. Like I said, he certainly can't have everything right, but he does offer some interesting and important information, in my opinion.


    1. Dennis replies to John Friend:

      As you can imagine, and no doubt are well aware, many many rabbit hole trails have been left to us over these eleven years now, fundamentally by mossad assets protecting their ‘tribe’ which is their fundamental reason for existing most of the time. I do not know Mr. Khazelov, nor have I ever really spoken to him or had any dialogue with him, but if I had two or three hours I would probably really give him a pretty good run for his money and get a lot of additional info out of him before I would really totally condemn him forever as a ‘disinformation agent’ per-se. Since more than a year has transpired since I had given this interview, and to be honest, I seldom browse the comments but noted that not only did you leave a comment but also Abirato also had made available a comment, which really I owe both of you a thoughtful reply.

      And before I digress, I have read your blog extensively. And, actually expressed my extreme displeasure to Ted and Nelisse Muga in San Diego, whom I met and enjoyed the company of while in Vancouver. In any case, my point was that I felt it was a bit unclear why they forbade you from addressing their group in San Diego. Far as I can see, you are absolutely on target, not putting out obnoxious bullshit or lies, which means that you are, like myself, being marginalized and ‘censored’ by Zionist controlled opposition in the wholly totally CO-OPTED truth movement now. Having said this, I don’t recall having gotten any real answer back from the Muga’s but I have virtually zero pull with any of these people other than to express my disdain and my astonishment that they had prevented your giving your talk.
      Anyway, back to Khazelov and ‘mini nukes’ and what destroyed the buildings:

      As you may or may not be aware, the presumed concrete that everyone thinks was used in the construction of the buildings, was NOT STRUCTURAL CONCRETE! It was a form of vermiculite, an asbestos mix similar to wallboard also known as sheet rock or GYPSUM, and as such, it has a much much lower threshold for shock fracture formation well below what everyone has assumed would be the case with structural re-bar reinforced concrete slabs. The reason I cite this, is that the pulverization of this shit was much more feasible and possible not by speed of sound shockwave propagation, but could occur with a significantly lower amount of force or impact force being imparted to it. This is a significant point, because the presumption many of us made was that the forces required to so pulverize these slabs was presumed to be profound and extreme, when in fact, that was not the case at all. Essentially this ‘sheet rock’ mix poured in these buildings was no more significantly strong than is everyday SHEET ROCK found in most homes in the U.S. Translated: It did not require massive amounts of explosive force to pulverize this. Mere stressing and impact during the collapse itself would have been sufficient to render much of this stuff into it’s base powder form at far lesser levels of force absorption than real structural concrete.


    2. Now, having regurgitated this, as you know, a paper was since authored on Veteran’s Today where some in our Vancouver Hearings group had decided that ‘mini nukes’ were in fact used. Much of this stuff came from ‘Anonymous Physicist’ thru Jeff Prager, which of course at the time I signed off on that theory, I had far more trust, against my better judgement, relative to Prager’s real role in the movement. Since then, I have been much more ‘enlightened’ as to Prager’s role in the movement, and much to my chagrin, I have had to totally disavow my alignment with that paper or document and state now for the record that I am not truly convinced that mini or micro nukes were used, strictly because I replayed one video over and over again, where a concrete spire of structural steel suddenly ‘turned to dust’ and of course, that didn’t make sense but you have to get down to the physics involved there. Neutron bombardment of dense structural steel does change the physical properties of structural steel, but it cannot destroy the metal matrix in such rapidity like that. Nuclear reactors on board naval vessels, of which I served on and was pretty educated about the ‘neutron’ bombardment issues within the cores of, did not turn the cores of the ‘2’ D2G 160 MW reactors on my ship, into ‘dust’ at high power level operation for decades. Yes, the steel was altered. Yes it was no longer the same material after neutron bombardment. But ‘no’ it was not turned to dust. Absolutely not.

      My secondary issue with such neutron bombardment is that had devices of this nature been used, the local radioactivity signature post 9/11 would be absolutely beyond just a few levels above background. Much of the adjacent buildings would have become radioactive, had they been so exposed. To my knowledge, this is not the case today, and if it were, normal radiological survey work in the NYC area would be virtually impossible as it still is in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, using sensitive instruments, due to the residual issues there in those two locations.

      As you might imagine, I am not now convinced mini nukes were used. But I do stand by much of my statement in that V.T. article, most of that being that the towers were demolished ‘by block’ more or less in ‘reverse’ of their construction...predominantly using RDX and other extremely energetic conventional charges. As you may be aware, one of my issues with the use of mini or micro nuclear weapons use is that the E1, E2 and E3 signatures did not manifest themselves on 9/11/2001...and had this been the case, electronics in the general vicinity of WTC area in NYC would have been with a huge number of electronics that would never work again or would have been altered and no longer as it was before 9/11/2001 in terms of operability and functionality in the aftermath. As far as I know, even small UHF radios used by police were still functional, and airborne helicopters in close vicinity did not have EMP issues that potentially would have made their electronics engine control stuff not function any longer had that been there that day.


    3. Anyway, so I have issues with this mini nuclear weapons use now, based on Prager’s push for it’s inclusion, and his now affirmed disinformation role in the aftermath of the SANDY HOAX garbage. So in summary, I’m agnostic about the use of nuclear weapons in the demolitions of the buildings now. But Prager did me a huge favor in that he absolutely proved nobody should ever under any circumstances EVER TRUST any of these yarmulke wearers because no matter how ‘anti zionist’ they portend to be, they all are, to the last one, still very loyal to their THIRTEENTH TRIBE they all have roots to.
      In any case, as for Khazelov...he is still a khazar, and until I see proof that counters that, he potentially is another Prager and another Gage and another New World Order loving David Ray Griffin, whom I just found embraces that crap. All of these guys are, in my opinion, all working on the same tainted side.

      Whether you believe they are truthful and honest is your own decision. But myself, I cannot believe them. And I will not believe them. And never will come the day I will ever again trust a khazarian fake jew ever again, under any circumstances.

      As I do not really have any reply back to anyone else, I will close now with a ‘Thank you’ and to compel you to not trust ‘Anonymous Physicist’ or the alleged ‘ex’ mossad and reformed jewry out there in the world...because when all is said and done, they have only one allegiance, and that is to their tribe. And that means, for us ‘goyim’ as they refer to us as; “Goyishe Kup” is their stance with regard to us. For the most part, they are in fact correct in that assumption about Amerikuh today. Goyishe Kup indeed!

    4. Well said Dennis, I couldn't agree more with you. I don't buy the mini-nucs theory anymore either, I'm more inclined to believe everything we were presented on 9/11 was fake, and that the towers were rigged and ready to go for the cameras. I don't know how they did it, but we have reliable sources confirming Urban Moving Systems (a Mossad front) was doing "work" prior to 9/11 very late at night, Mossad and Israeli military guys were arrested in New York the day of 9/11, as well as prior to 9/11 and after. I mean, over 120 Mossad/Israeli military operatives were arrested that had connections to 9/11, they had to have something to do with it, right? Also, September Clues has shown how virtually every single video depicting what happened on 9/11, especially in New York, is somehow flawed or fabricated. 9/11 was a Hollywood-style PSYOP for the most part.

  8. I am sad that there no longer is any forum where 9-11 "theories" can be discussed in more detail. This comment area is certainly not the place. Also, Dr. Fetzer's forum on ning is also apparently not the place as it has essentially died of natural causes.

    I have tried to understand the term "Zionist" more fully and find this recent article by David Icke to be helpful...

    The Zionist Elephant In The Room
    The David Icke Newsletter

    When you think "Zionist" thing Rothschild. That is the idea I will explore.

  9. Jeannon, the problem is that I don't have enough dough to move to the larger ning forum, which would allow more than 1,000 members. So I am at present stuck with 150. That's the problem. If you can figure out a solution ... I was going to move to a pay-to-play at $10 or $20 per year. But those who do not have credit cards would be left out in the cold. If you can think of a solution ...

  10. I am not sure the diagnosis is correct and therefore not sure of the cure. (The sending of the money is not a real problem and those who do not want to use a credit card can send Dean Hartwell the money and he will put it on his credit card.) The current 150 do not seem to want to discuss 9-11 anymore just for the sake of discussion and finding and disseminating truth.

    Your time and talents, Dr. Fetzer, would be probably best be used on this radio show and your writings on Veterans Today and your blog, and not in trying to monitor and oversee a large vigorous 9-11 discussion forum. Maybe there is someone who could do that well and do in in line with your guidelines. (Killtown could probably shed some light on the pros and cons of that.)

    I just think it would be great if we had a group of 9-11 real truth seekers who would discuss and share in a friendly manner. I still think forums would be a good way to find some 9-11 truth and get it out there.

    I appreciate the light being shown on the "Zionist" connections to the who did it aspect of this by your efforts, but I have found that it is just about impossible to get "fair and balanced" exposition of that very real aspect of 9-11. Even those who discuss "the Zionist factor" in other areas fairly refuse to mention it in relation to 9-11.

    I wish I had some better input as to the solution of this problem.

  11. Dennis writes --

    "To all of you who have posted, I sure appreciate your thoughtful words and kind posts, and instead of writing a 'Thanks' to all of you all for Jim Fetzer to add, I thought I would do it here this way. First, all of you have made really good points. Second, it is highly encouraging to see so many who actually care enough to understand what happened that day in our blighted, horrific history ten years ago and even before that. Though I have stated for the record that I do not see how nukes could have been used due to the lack of EMP effects and power grid knockout in NYC that day, it's entirely possible that unconventional weapons other than the standard issue HIGH EXPLOSIVES we feel were used to pulverize the massive amounts of concrete in the towers, could have been used.

    Also, though I stated in the interview that "Perhaps drones WERE NOT used.." it goes with a condition I failed to add in there behind that to qualify that statement better, and that is that remotely piloted airliners quite possibly were used, and the term 'DRONE' tends to cue people to an RPV or other winged gadget like the Global Hawk, so the ambiguity of the terminology really is a bad fit to apply it to every kind of remotely piloted air vehicle.


  12. Dennis continues:

    "In any case, no, we don't know precisely what happened that day, but to be honest, a lot of you are very very on the leading edge of the learning curve, and some of us are way way ahead of you because we have been looking at things you guys have not been able to see due to the CO-OPTED and STEERED 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENTS that are now more prevalent than those who are not that way. Some of us have seen videos, listened to hours of audio records, looked at eyewitness testimonies you won't find on the web unless you really dig for them, as a lot of this information is not in the public domain totally.

    When I stated some of us have been at this for 40, 50, or 60 plus thousand hours of hard research, I'm not even joking. My forte being aviation and the elextronics, as well as the Dept. of Defense technology I had supported most of my career, gives me a great advantage at being able to analyze stuff a non-aviator and a non-engineering person would not have seen the relevance of. Nobody can have expertise in every area, but not to toot my own horn here, I have a professional background that spans more than 30 years, most of it absolutely in the weapons certification and testing area, as well as the aviation end of this. Does that make me a special 'arbiter' of the truth? Absolutely not.

    But it does give me an above average ability to sift thru stuff that a non-pilot and a non-engineering person would have virtually zero
    comprehension of, or the absolute ability to see as either 'absurd' or 'possible', as I feel my rather unique background does for me.

    In my closing here, I can't ask Jim Fetzer to be at my beckoned call here and post my replies to all of you, but I do thank all of you for listening to his show and for that matter, giving a damn enough to want to know the truth. This gives you the responsibility to be the leaders in your small circles of friends and relatives and educate them. Some of us have been doing what I call; "The BEE DANCE" where we come back to the hive and wiggle our asses and get the hive apprised of where the threat is out external to it, and educated about how bad it is. Now you are informed, you can begin to take some of that on yourselves and help us.

    The zionist enemies of sanity and true democratic processes never ever sleep nor do they relent. It is our job to stop them in this war of information we dare not lose. All of us, no matter what level of expertise we have to bring to the fore, has a responsibility to grab five or six of your fellow 'asleep' citizens around you and wake them the hell up from their trance. We need as many allies in this war as we canmuster. Pass the word around and educate your fellow citizens in your communities, for we are running out of time.

    Best Wishes,

    Dennis Cimino."

  13. From Dennis to Stevie T:

    "Very kind words, but if not for Jim Fetzer taking the time to interview me on the 25th, this interview would not have happened in the first place! We tried the day before but had overwhelming technical issues which prevented us from getting it done, but because Jim Fetzer doesn't take 'no' for an answer, the interview took place. Good interviews like this one come from good radio hosts, and the gravity of this one and the ground covered in two hours goes to the man who was on the other end of the connection, asking the good questions and adding quite a bit of absolutely irrefutable content to it himself. Anyway, I sure do appreciate the opportunity to have such a fine fine audience in those of you who came and listened. Keep the faith and somehow, we will prevail..."

  14. Outstanding show. I didn't know the Rothchilds owned half of the earths wealth. That is staggering.