Friday, August 5, 2011

Aiden Wylie / Jim Fetzer

Libya / 9/11 Research


  1. I'm so incensed listening to this so-called interview with Aiden, I have to comment. Most of what your guest had to say was no more than a series of vague claims and assertions about Libya .... in his own words: "probable", "I would say", "think". Pathetic. Aiden clearly is ignorant enough to not have a context for his opinions, demonstrating little to no understanding of Libya's recent past, which has seen a brutal occupation and genocide for decades by the Italians, followed by its “independence” in the 1950s. I put that word in quotes, because since then, Libya has been the target of relentless Western imperial machinations for control and theft of its resources, coupled with the equally relentless repercussions from Israeli and Jewish hatred for all things Arab and Muslim. Libya’s also had to deal with sanctions and international condemnation resulting from the fabricated terror events perpetrated by US-UK-Israeli axis of evil, such as the murder of Yvonne Fletcher, Pan Am 103, and Labelle. Despite this, the country has achieved remarkable progress in its infrastructure, particularly under Gaddafi, IN A VERY SHORT TIME. Of course, health services, or retail stores, etc, etc, in Libya will not have the glitz of Western nations – but then Libya has used ITS OWN MONEY for providing what it does for its people – contrast that to the wealth (and public services) of all Western nations that has been acquired over CENTURIES largely through stealing land, resources and slavery, mostly of non-white unfortunates. I speak in the know as a Muslim of Indian descent, seeing my homeland – the aptly “Jewel in the Crown” – being the source of incalculable wealth for Britain for hundreds of years. As for Gaddafi being a dictator …. well, unlike most current Arab rulers who are totally subservient to the axis of evil’s desires, he has hung in there for his country and people, and had the guts to confront the unending assault (whether economic, political or military) by the West, not the least of which have included his courageous speeches. Someone like that sickening Cameron is not going to devote 40+ years of his life for his country. That self-described “I’m a Zionist” is there for his ego, for Israel, and for favors for all the cronies who selected him, like the long line of leaders before him both here and the UK. The “NATO” assault (read: another war for Israel and Western corporations) against Libya is beyond inhumane, and you could have better served your listeners by interviewing a more informed and plausible guest about Libya than Aiden.

  2. Whooooooie Dr. Fetzer, you got this video fakery stuff down!!! I love it!! I don't understand how anyone could rationally dispute what your saying?!?!?! Oh wait, they cain't!!

  3. Thank you to both for their comments. The Libya issue is complex (Gaddafi is no angel and yet that's not what the issue really is), so the points on that raised by the person Sally above are on the mark about that.

    And John Friend, please listen to the 2nd 20 min's of the first hour of my interview with Jim from this month (2nd hour had Jim with Kevin Barret). For in the 2nd 20 min's, I went over the key absolute proof of video compositry -- not even to do with planes -- and why it's important that we have this particular example.