Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adele Edisen

Dr. (Col.) Jose Rivera

NB: This is a four-hour mp3 file.


  1. Dude...I can hear you sipping coffee and typing while adele is talking and it's really annoying!!!!

  2. The mic is too sensitive. Look, I am not paid to do this. I arrange it all. I only typed to check references on-line. A practical necessity. This was a four hour show. I appreciate the advice. The percentage of distractions of that kind over four hours had to have been miniscule.

  3. It never bothers me to hear Jim type in the background. Sometimes he gets other phone calls and you can hear him telling people, "I'm on the air." It just shows he is a genuine person. What sort of thing is that to complain about anyway?

  4. This was an absolutely fascinating interview. Dr. Fetzer, you did an excellent job navigating the audience through Ms. Edison's story. The who/what/when/where was well laid out. The questions I am left with is why her? What was Rivera's role in the assassination plot, what was supposed to be Adele's, why did they pick her out? The key seems to be that she was given Oswald's future telephone number and told to tell him to "kill the chief." I didn't get a good sense of those aspects of the interview. Perhaps those questions could be addressed in a potential future interview with her.

    The whole side-story of medical/biological research a la Dr. Mary, Judith Vary Baker and now Adele Edison being intertwined with Lee Oswald and the plot to kill JFK and frame Lee is very bizarre. It can't be a coincidence that these researchers were tangentially involved in the overall story, but I can't figure out how the research aspect fits in with the rest. In any case, thanks for another terrific show, Dr. Fetzer!

  5. Wow. What struck me is LHO driving around yet "finding" the right address. Unless it was to annoy or appease his wife, there was no reason to drive around AND go to a pre-ordained house.

    Usually, one just does the pre-requested thing, or drives around genuinely ---- if it's innocent or straightforward (if not innocent) orders. I think he was under MKULTRA, too, at least in that part of the story. The mind control (unrealized hopes AND realized successes) was a major thing in our history, it seems.

    It was something I resisted for a long time accepting that there was a wide program for which; and so many who claim MK are odd persons or mix uncareful writing and claims in with their stories. But in looking closely at their main stories (O'Brien and Bryce and items in Bowart's book, and so on), I have come to the conclusion that these are very widespread.

    They are also dovetailed with cultic crimes as well: abuses for pleasure or initiation or MK. Horrible, and something it took me a lot of careful looking and comparisons to conclude it's quite real (much of the time, but of course not always).