Monday, December 13, 2010

Mike Sparks

Bodyguard of Lies


  1. Interesting interview but after 9 years, one would think he could come up with something closer to the truth for why we are in Afghanistan - which is the clue to the real reason for all that is happening.

    The United States government has been taken over - privatized and it's being run by contractors - and they aren't even American contractors. I don't believe there is a government per se anymore.

    This is the same strategy that was used to gut our economy - a facade of the corporation is left in place...just the sales office... but the guts of the business has been exported.

    So, why are we in Afghanistan? Global Systems and economic development - which includes the global transportation infrastructure: roads, pipelines, transmission lines, fiber optic - to deliver the soft global systems - education, health care, human resource management, small business incubator system, etc. The same economic development plan is being implemented in Pakistan - in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. (Why did you think the military was training Iraqis and Afghanis to drive trucks?

    There is a cookie cutter, global plan of "economic development" which is really just the implementation of global control systems. Look at what the Big Four accounting firms are up to because they are providing the marketing for the takeover of government systems - and of course, once the contractor "owns" the system, they own the entity. In particular, look at KPMG, UNISYS and Pennsylvania. It's a done deal there. USAID is doing the marketing and implementation for small countries outside the U.S. but the game plan is the same... because it's global.

    In a way, it's rather humorous. We have a big strong military... that is being defeated by a bunch of accountants and techies in suits and ties and they don't even know it. In fact, they are part of it - but while they are implementing it over there, our country is being lost to the same global system - run by global psychopaths.

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  3. As far as the rape charge goes, I think it originates with common law battery theory. Consent is a defense to battery but if you withold material information whilst obtaining that consent or make a misrepresentation, to wit, I will wear a condom and don't the consent is voided thereby and the crime of battery or rape has occured. Convoluted isn't it? This creative area of law developed in more recent years in connection with health concerns.

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  5. To put it bluntly,you are full of shit.Its funny you mentioned Greg Hallet,because he is also a liar.Keep misleading the people with Nazi rhetoric.We couldn't be further from National Socialist Germany.There was very little unemployment.All workers had paid vacations and health care.There wasn't this huge gap in classes.They had a great pride in themselves and country and jews weren't running their government,media and financial institutions.You are a piece of garbage and I cant believe Fetzer doesn't know any better.You are a bodygaurd of lies

  6. Blitz sounds like a Nazi doesn't he?

  7. Blitz, you don't get it. FASCISM--NAZI-ISM is a right-wing mentality that existed before the Germans of the 1930s and continues to the present day. Aside from the fact that the 3rd Reich Nazis escaped Germany and have continued to the present day through multi-national corporations, they were created by the ROCKEFELLERS HERE IN THE U.S. IN THE FIRST PLACE. Wall Street created Hitler. Wall Street wants us working like slaves for their profits and dying in their concocted wars for the worship of the nation-state. That's not Nazi Germany in the 1930s/40s, that's AMERICA TODAY.

  8. I almost wonder if Webster Tarpley has been getting his ideas from Sparks (or vice versa), their viewpoints seem to match on a lot of issues.

    This interview could be sifted for a bunch of soundbites that could be uploaded to eg. youtube, I like the way he described the power structure very succinctly (although the uninitiated might not know what he was talking about).

    Thanks Jim for creating this podcast that I knew nothing about until recently, despite liking your presentation at the 2006 LA Scholars Symposium I had not discovered this.