Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elias Davidsson

Jim Fetzer's London 9/11 Presentation


  1. Mr. Davidsson what an astounding point you make to Jim. Certainly arguments that assume a part of the official story as true and use it as a foundation for a seperate argument is mute. The same thing was frustrating me in the coast to coast debate, Mr. Thomas could have had every argument of his destroyed because he assumed that planes hit and based his arguments around it, the simple pointing out that the plane crashes as depicted are not possible may have hindered him greatly.

  2. OBSERVATIONS FROM film 102 minutes,

    **** about 45 minutes into the film, there is a voice that speaks for the SMELL OF METAL. The wind is clearly moving away from him, TOWARDS the tower, the smoke plumes are visibly facing away. HOW CAN HE SMELL THAT? He talks of a VERY STRONG SMELL. Is this the smell of toasted cars?

    *** BEFORE the first tower was dustified there was ALREADY fine dust on the streets. It shows a car driving through, stirring it up.

    * About 53 minutes into the film, a fireman is listening to explosions.

    * 58 minutes .. the fine dust is clearly seen on the camera lens

  3. Dear u2r2h (wonder what that refers to) :) -- that film, 102 Minutes, is so filled with propaganda moments (including women and men agents saying with a smile briefly flashed, that they will go to war right away -- it's clearly not natural comments in anger of the moment, and no other reasonable comments are included). It is its own field of study and requires it, as I said recently on a mailing list of which Jim is a part. But as I also said there, there are moments of note in it, and I thank you for pointing some of them out. The toasted cars are clear in it; the vapor-dusted spire is seen clearly, without air dust right around it (cut video just before it was dustified while falling); the barely resent debris pile. Some odd actions in the air. The fact the dust blast passes by someone in a truck without blasting the windows, so the blasted windows many vehicles and buildings had, must have been a separate effect than the dust storm itself. And so on. All worth sifting through for clues. If one can stomach the propaganda intent and segments. Uggh. Best wishes.

  4. Dr. Fetzer,

    Could you set up a podcast feed for this site so that users can easily subscribe with their podcast software of choice to automotatically update?

    Thanks, and great work.

  5. Needing the audio feed, not the post feed.