Monday, August 23, 2010

Greg Hallett

Even more corruption in New Zealand


  1. being a fellow new zealander i dont know what to make of gregg hallett
    hes totally ignored here in new zealand even by alternative news media,of course it doesnt mean what he is saying isnt true,but he doesnt help his case when he breaks into maniacal laughter when talking about murder and pedophillia hardly something to laugh about.also what the hell is he inhaling during these interviews
    during the pauses in his speech you can hear him smoking a bong pipe.which also explains his constant coughing.or maybe its just weed but come on greg it might help your credibility more if you maybe put your bong aside when doing an interview,hardly professional is it? i hope its just weed and not something stronger your smoking which could account for some of the more outlandish stuff that comes out of your mouth.i have gregs book a blackmailers guide which unlike his are you my father? book doesnt have a single source in of the chapter titles in this book is called Faggots write Fiction
    i kid you not.greg could be the real deal or could be like alot of writers out there like gerald posner under cia mind control and a multiple personality who is put out there to muddy the waters and spread disinformation.

  2. This is very interesting, because he has received raves from an expert on covert ops. I am not in the position to vouch for what he has to tell us, but I was on Skype video with him during our interviews and he was only smoking cigarettes! I watched him. I hate to say this, but if that is the level of the accuracy of your impressions, then Greg is doing very well!

  3. only cigerettes really ok my bad,i wish greg could list his sources for all of new zealands pedophile politicians the likes of which i see on tv everyday here in new zealand.well jim next time you have him on do mind asking him more about this spymaster character the entity that is responsible for some of the stuff in his books from what i have heard this subject hasnt been bought up much,do u have a link i can read about him receiving raves from a covert op,also jim this is an interview with ted gunderson and alex jones;article=129650 i only post it cause in the first 20 odd mins from memory ted brings up this stew webb character who i told you was an fbi informant,just thought you might be interested.

  4. My impression is that like a lot of researchers, he has a bug: that is, an insight from experience and/or suspicion which makes him both accurate and shoot himself in the foot. This is quite common: having looked deeply into the blackmailing of politicians and some of the wilder activities which are run internationally, I doubt not that "it's all corrupt" and "pedophiles run rampant in the political spectrum" would be more accurate statements than not; but when a person believes or states it with such force that they begin suspecting all, they can alienate even those of us who listen. I think, therefore, that he knows quite a bit, but at the same time his generalizations and laughter are nervous and overweening -- his statements on "feminism" are similar. I understand what he means in all these things, but at the same time personal hyperreactions are also contributing to the "craziness" (the "total" wildness) of what is, as you pointed out, already a difficult and ugly reality. By the way: for pedophilia and mind control, see: "The Franklin Cover-Up" (movie and book), Kathy O'Brien, Svali, John Todd ... and of course don't think I'm not aware of their mistakes and so on. But there's a consistent theme here which is horrible and seems to be international. Dyncorp is also a slaver; the war in Bosnia was partly to bring in slave trade. Killings have occurred in Bohemian Grove (if O'Brien and, more damning, the teen Troy Bonner's diary recollections are accurate -- they have been graphologically tested), etc.

  5. Jim Fetzer has been doing truckloads
    of radio interviews in 2009 and 2010.
    An amazing effort.

    Some people discard Hallett's book "Hitler
    was a British Agent" as some hilarious sensation
    booklet. None of them however present evidence that
    Hitler was not. A more down to earth presentation
    would be that Hitler was the first full functional
    Tavistock asset which got "the job" done for
    the secret zionist rulers.

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