Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams

Twin Towers Fakery


  1. really interesting show---
    But how did the students end up being listed as Israeli art students on the Let's Roll Forums website when the NY Times article on the same website identifies the students as Vienna based and Amazon's description of the B-thing (their book) says that they are Austrian?

  2. Jim, please don't be so gullible and excitable.

    Phil is a nice guy, but he imagines things and blurts them out.

    The Austrian art group is just that.

    Here is Dirk's (Tex Rubinowitz) phone contact, surely Christine can put you through:

    The 2001 group and their comrades do many funny things (that run-of-the-mills mericans like Jayhan and Alex Jones will never understand:-)

    If you are interested, I can elaborate.
    Post a comment on my blog.

    My 911 research has a better track record, even though I am amazed where it led to, read

    May I remind you that I was banned from most forums. Noplane and holography as the only logical answer to

    Eyewitnesses/films-of-impact PLUS no-or-fake-plane-parts EQUALS hologrammes

    is only acceptable for a very few.
    I would appreciate Morgan Reynold's opinion.

    More logical theories:

    MATRIX-passport-prediction/manyfold-to-the-day-Foreknowledge PLUS uncertain-weather-on-earth EQUALS weathermanipulationFact

    WTC DUST is already accepted by you guys thanks to the excellent work of Judy Wood.
    (It is us women that never get due kudos!)

    So we were dealing with three UNKNOWN TECHNOLOGIES... and that in itself is the key why 9-11 was done:

    1 weathercontrol
    2 demolecularize (thanks Judy!)
    3 live-holography

    Combine this with the traditional military (21st century computerised) most elaborate Control Compartmentalisation and rigorous Command - all over encrypted channels - and you have a glimpse of what they can do, and what they aim for.

    And who is the "corporate governance"??

    Full Spectrum domination is just that. Only the dirty unwashed masses can stop them.
    So, please Jim, ask them to conduct flashmobs to invade secret installations.

    The pentagon was bombed because the CCC remote controllers were witnesses, and needed to be eliminated. They also ordered the financial comptrollers in the house.. they died, too.. 2.3 trillion Rumsfeld problem solved as well.

  3. Jim, please don't be so gullible and excitable.

    Jayhan is a nice guy, but he is too gullible, too, and a bit of a phantast.




    please read.

    The vienna artists are culturally advanced (past fascism), something that anglo-fascists often take too seriously.

  4. A quick summary for you non-readers:





    EQUALS (logical necessity)

    WeatherControl is reality.


  5. Sorry. I thought my first comment (the long one) had vanished into binary valhalla, because GOOGLE/BLOGSPOT said "URI too Large")

    The latter two posts merely repeat what you may now refer to as U24T

    u2r2h's 4 tenets -- U24T

    1) weathercontrol (Hurricane Erin)
    2) Dustify Weapons (molecular)
    3) Holo-Hoax (laser)
    4) unprecedented command&control

    911 will control our lives, as long as those 4 tenets are denied .. because the perps will exert power though those that think U24T is heresy.

  6. U24T:

    Hi. I am unbiased and have looked deeply at both aspects: energy weapons and Phil's notion that there were some hollow (unpoured) floors. He thinks the latter would or could account for the energy weapon theory; it doesn't.

    But I'm here to tell you it's ALSO true that as of 1971, at least, it is absolutely certain based on the photo from 1970 and eyewitness testimony from 1971, that there were no poured floors in some parts of the towers.

    Please see -- pp. 5-7, posts #29-46.

    I have determined that the photo has internal evidence showing we are looking at a perspective where we should see floors. And there is now testimony from someone who had behind-the-scenes access to the South Tower as a youth, because his father worked on the towers and there was a special invite. He said he was on floors where you could see way up into the building, trusses only.

    So, I said I was unbiased and I'll show you: does all what I said there actually "take care of debris" entirely? Or the STATE of the debris? No. Phil and Larry think so, but it doesn't. And I've said so in those posts. Read them.

    Why hollow flooring? They likely did it to run a writeoff, land value scam, with the mob getting payoffs at least during construction (NYC construction was heavily involved with the Mob). It would also make the towers easier to demolish later whenever needed (even if they didn't have 9/11 in mind, though they might have).

    Finally, remember, I posted on the necessity FOR energy weapons WHILE ALSO SHOWING the towers were mostly Erector Set (like the construction toy, that is).

    Shocking combination. But true.

  7. Rmunro:

    Their leader was Israeli. I covered this in my own interview on Jul 19.

    Their leader (and several members) were rounded up in the Israeli round-up by the FBI, and later released by Chertoff.

    The leader had several tens of thousands at a time in his bank account and he remained in close proximity several times to Mohammed Atta (I think it was he), and other art student rings were also running from Israel.

    The great audio interview I think was at but it's just been removed. Ha ha. See, a bit of publicity and ... gone.

    We Are Change (Chicago, I think) discovered the details on Gelitin's "The B Thing" operation back in 2004.

    The comments to that video, as still displayed by Google, were the following (chopped up by Google search):

    "10 Oct 2009 ... These art students were apart of the art group, gelatin, .... The Mossad blew up the towers and now we're at war with all their enemies. ... queue REAL REASON WHY USA & ISRAEL WILL ATTACK IRAN442955 viewsjohnneiffer · 9:42 ... queue World Trade Center on 9/11 - Sounds of Explosions48984 views ..."


  8. Rmunro:*****************************************************************************************************************

    You can also check this article and the Youtube videos it mentions, if they're still up.

  9. Clare:

    None of the videos work now. I heard your interview. I thought it was engaging and informative. So where did you get that the leader was Israeli? Was it from Jonathan Elinoff's call into Kevin Barrett's show(which won't play ---for me at least) But even so if one member is from a particular country how does the whole group become identified with his country of origin when they live and work in Austria?
    If British Petroleum is headed by an American it doesn't make it an American corporation.

    Thanks for your work----

  10. Im sorry, but does not one other person feel like the jones/thermite group is trying for another bite at the apple? Or to put it this way; trying to evolve there theory to encompass evidence that disporves it.
    To put it in a more simple way, i do not care who you are, a "hollow" building (as these two baffoons may want us to now think of it as) will not transform into a column of dust that reaches the stratosphere and lingers for days, by normal demolition explosive devices. In fact all examples i can find the dust from the CD building disperses rapidly, in a matter of a half hour or so.
    This is the first eureka that Wood gave to us; it tells us that only something capable of turning a 110 story building into a pillar of dust can explain what happened that day.

  11. Rmunro:

    Yes, I know the videos "don't work" now. I listened only a week before but ... ha. Off it goes.

    It was a We are Change (Chicago?) leader who spoke on his extensive work (2004?). I forget and am SO sorry. It might be to Kevin Barrett, yes, I think it was.

    I don't know what was the (putative) exact link found between the Mossad agency and the leader of Gelitin (wherever he's now living, even in Australia). Perhaps that member of We Are Change can tell you -- but I got the impression it may have been because this was listed as an Israeli operation under the round-up, and freed by Chertoff.

    Thank you for thanking me. I am trying to do my best.

  12. Jake: Yes, Phil and Larry are closer to the Jones thermite group -- which I covered in my interview. But they are believers in some kind of vicsim fakery and other photo fakes. Jones does not, because of his brash surety -- though I like him anyway, I admit. (And yes I know of how he doesn't cover certain things he should, on his show, so it's not mere "adoration" I'm spouting.)

    Anyway, Phil and Larry ARE upset at the idea of an energy weapon. It's true.

    But this is merely WHY they were looking at the a) office debris and b) the empty floors (and made their discovery of that photo from Lera construction, now "removed" from, by the way).

    So as I've pointed out, BOTH seem to be true:

    1. an energy weapon ........ HAS to be used for the STATE of the debris and cars;


    2. a scam from the mob/construction and real estate planners and "tenant" companies from the 60s onward ... hey, scams and payouts and "front" companies are not so weird. So, since this tower would have been perfectly strong with outer cladding (exoskeleton) and an inner shaft (spine) and floor trusses (planes of triangulation strength joining inner and outer skeletons).

    Besides, on the SIDE, I discovered a friend of mine was in the South Tower just before it opened, on a special tour into non-public areas for worker families (his Dad worked on the WTC) and he saw some of the empty spaces inside the middle! I posted this here: (#36, #40) and info is (#44).

    But the most important post I made there is: (#29)

    Se, *I* know, *unlike* Phil and Larry, that an energy weapon was still necessary in addition to the floors blowing out by thermate/thermite, etc. to give the "falling" effects, even though some floors are missing and much office equipment was already cleared.

    At least the energy weapon would ONLY HAVE TO BE CALIBRATED TO STEEL AND CONCRETE.


  13. Rmunro: I should add, re. Israeli connections to leader of Gelitin: there was a HUGE set of "art students" who all got rounded up and listed as Israeli spies. Now, let's say they weren't spies -- fine. But some were Israeli and some of those were clearly "there to document the event". So we can suspect that if Israeli, and an art student, they might be hired by spies or be it themselves if part of that ring. So ... I suspect strongly ... Ha ha.

  14. Clare,
    1. I greatly apriciate your detailed response, However i was already aware of your position, that you give credence to what they say because you have had it proved to you that some of the building was not as we were told.
    2. It still seems to me to be a theoretical adaptation of the Jones view to account for some of the anomalies at the WTC, as Dr. Judy Wood puts it.
    3. I very much like the way you handle evidence, I also like that you reach most if not all the same conclusions as i do. I say this mostly to reinforce my point, to make sure you have looked down the route i suggest as it regards these two.

  15. Really enjoyed Phil and Larry. Apparently there's since been a falling out and they're no longer potential guests. With total media fakery and empty towers, there really isn't too much left to figure out. Letsroll and Septemberclues pretty much explain it all for me.