Friday, March 26, 2010

aka Curtis

Tesla, Nazis, Bushes


  1. Thank you for a lot of really good programs.
    I think I need the beginning of this program interview to make more heads and tails out of it, but interesting stuff. Among some of oddities like these one might find gems and nuggets for history and some that actually reveal new stuff and spur new insights. But as to lineages and families, I'm afraid George H.W. Bush looks a little bit too much like Prescott Bush. And why would the 20ish year old Barbara Bush write love letters to the 70-80 year old Nikola Tesla? Well, one could argue that the technique of using young women against people one want stuff from is not new, but by then what did Tesla really have left? There is though a video out there which does show a lot of Bush-JFK connections that you might enjoy and find a few new pointers from: its called "JFK II - The Bush connection" and is regularly reposted to youtube and should be available at places like and or

    Thanks again and all the best

  2. starting at about 19:30 of this video you can see a millitary helicopter fly by the south tower and flash an EXTREMELY bright beam seconds before its pulverization...can you fire a tesla weapon from a helicopter? why not i suppose.