Friday, October 23, 2009

David Ramsay Steele

Religion in America


  1. A discussion of the globalist's religion, with
    Gary "Spaceman" Bell, would be fascinating.

    Bohemian Grove, is the visible tip, of a "Satanic iceberg".

  2. Very good session.

    I am a Theist still I like David R Steele. This is the most reasonable discussion on the subject I have heard in a long time.

    The 911 truth movement has some of the earmarks of religious life. It is a framework for the discussion of good and evil. The veracity of the framework is debated and argued. People commit to the ‘Truth’ of the movement at some point of epiphany. And there is a deep distrust of those who cannot see the ‘Truth’.

    From the outside, even, we can draw parallels. People outside the movement are reticent to engage the teachings of the movement because those inside are seen as overenthusiastic, and membership seems too demanding and marginalizing.

    Just musing that ‘Religion’ does not need to be Theistic. Though many in the Truth movement are theists of some kind or other.