Monday, August 3, 2009

Obamacare: LaRouche vs Fetzer

Can we get a health care plan worth having?

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  1. Hi. This Larouchite does not see through the Apollo hoax, but then, neither does Larouche. The emphasis in the Larouche movement is to get us to think big and expand our ideals and economic goals, so a space program would fit (as obviously intended by JFK, but scuttled by the intelligence community under NASA). Also, the evidence is that the Larouche crowd is right about Obamaplan (i.e., a low-care, HMO buy-in, called Obama'care'). Sure, the laguage used by the Larouchites is inflamatory, but it is accurate if one understands economic fascism as not being reactionary right ("die by the free market") but rather Mussolini elite-Liberal false "Left" ("mandatory government-private buy-in to help a program of the extremist bankers and financiers"). A true call for a true public plan, a Medicare/Medicaid for all has never passed Obama's lips.