Monday, December 28, 2015

The Real Deal #146 Rebekah Roth ORIGINAL plus or minus Pete Santilli

Pete Santilli and Jim Fetzer dissect Rebekah Roth.


  1. hey fetzer ... if a lot of people are buying her products, is it because they're stupid, or is it because her products have benefited them?

  2. what a sad show ... good luck to ya.

  3. I never bought her lame explanation of the airplanes going to an Air Force base. It was overly complicated and illogical. The entire purpose of her operation seems to be to keep the planes in the air.

    It's obviously the same woman, selling snake oil.

    Her first book (I didn't buy the second) is very poorly written. It drags tremendously. An average English major would do far better with their first effort. Usually the CIA gets better writers.

  4. Meanwhile it appears Delphi-Deanna Spingola’s found yet another angle to PROFIT from sandy hoax; with another new SH book! :(

    ^ see 2 replies up for another “work of art!” lol

    1. Meanwhile Prof. James Tracy, after being fired from his job in spite of his tenure; he now also gets harassed & terrorized in his home, both through USPS and internet/email:

      For those unaware, "Independent Media Solidarity", the group who produced the "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook" docu' a year ago, has just released their new 2 hour docu: "The Life Of Adam."

      Good to see this docu' worked in the James Tracy firing event at the last minute, as that only happened beginning 2-3 weeks ago now.

      Meanwhile, Delphi-Deanna Spingola continues masquerading as a VICTIM, as her sandy hoax profiteering book "Screening...", which she touts as blowing the Big-Pharma Sandy Hoax Cover-Up wide open, and she even insinuates that honest SH Truth researchers might be working for Big Pharma coz we "maintain that SH didn't happen" (thus "vindicating" pharma LOL)-- her book supposedly exposing the REAL SH COVER-UP namely Big Pharma's guilt, presently enjoys four 5-star reviews at amazon, and is absent ANY 1-star reviews from any "hoaxers" calling out both Delphi and Sandy Hoax!

      ^ Amazon "Censorship Operation", to use Delphi's (kosher bosses?) imaginative language? We already know amazon's NOT averse to fiddling with the reviews! Ref:

      ^ Which eventually escalated to amazon's OVERT censorship of Fetzer&Co's "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook", after the SH perps' 1-star review astroturfing campaign against that book, with amazon's assistance in fiddling with the reviews, was a laughably transparent flop!

      By contrast, Delphi's book exposing the REAL Big-Pharma SH cover-up LOL, remains happily listed & unmolested at amazon, (ostensibly) enjoying only 5-star reviews... Things that make you go "HMMM."

  5. have seen "Jerry the Israeli Troll" at other 9-11 truth sites harassing,propagandizing,and generally stirring up trouble..
    how much ya bet his IP address goes back to Tel Aviv or Langley?
    "through deception and lying WE[Israel] SHALL DO WAR"
    "and we[Israel] shall steal the last parchment of Palestinian land[Gaza Strip],and exterminate what's left of the Palestinians,by spraying/crop-dusting their food crops with poison"

  6. Vinny Eastwood really doesn't like Pete ShamShilli; 14 mins, "The Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli"

    Vinny also did this 40-some min show with a couple other hosts, "HOW TO SPOT AN FBI INFORMANT. Glenn Canady, Stew Webb & Vinny Eastwood Expose Pete Santilli"

  7. Pretty sad show.
    Lost credibility jim