Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gary King / Richard Hooke

Navy Yard shooting / JFK assassination photos


  1. The Navy Yard "strategy-of-tension false flag" theory is a diversion, conscious or unconscious. This theory makes more sense. The "strategy of tension" theory proposed by Gary King would apply had the shooting taken place in some backwater town of a backwater State. The Navy Yard shooting, however, took place at the headquarters of the U.S. Office of the Provost of the Navy, an official who is authorized to arrest the President of the United States for treason. The official story is a cover-up of a political murder of a high-ranking Government official.

    1. Good to hear from you again Bill! The point I'm trying to make is what WE hear is just made up!

  2. I studied Richard Hooke's Veterans Today article, which contains some powerful information and supporting photos placing Nazi-facilitator George H W Bush at the scene of the JFK assassination. One of the best aspects of the article is that it contains a re-post of the "What Happened To JFK And Why It Matters Today" presentation that Dr Fetzer did two years ago.

    There is just too much evidence that LBJ at least knew about the assassination plot to deny it. However, there seems to have been a concerted (and I would say conspiratorial) effort in the last decade or so to put LBJ at the center and somehow involved in directing it. The assassination was not a domestic effort: I hope that the interviews here with Ole Dammegard have helped convince everyone that it was, on the contrary, a transnational one.

    Directly involved in the assassination and cover-up, and more importantly the subsequent efforts to capitalize on the coup d'├ętat, were several key players who, if not tied directly to the Third Reich and the post-war rat lines, were notable for facilitating the exoneration of top Nazi war criminals (John Jay McCloy), their incorporation into key U.S. institutions (Allen Dulles), and bringing German and East European Nazis into the U.S. to infiltrate sensitive areas of political and scientific life (the Bush Family, Richard Nixon, and the directorship of NASA and its predecessor). Clay Shaw's links to Operation Gladio have not been given enough attention, nor the participation of Nazi count George de Mohrenschild and others in the Russian anti-Soviet community. De Mohrenschild was one of the founders of "Radio Free Europe" and "Radio Liberty", and a member of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, which figured prominently in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H W Bush.

    Granted Dave Emory and one (only one) of his major sources, John Loftus, are soft on Zionist fascism; but they've exposed a lot of the facts that establish a chain of evidence leading from Hitler's regime right to the leading institutions of the U.S.A. A representative sample can be heard in this audio archive Meg Brussel's archived programs are also worth hearing in this regard -- currently being aired at Geoengineering Watch Radio -- put this into your player URL strip:

  3. Gary was great on the show. First guest I've heard in a long time (if ever) explain that these hoaxes are full blown psyOps.

    1. Hey Ima! The world we live in is just one big matrix with very few people aware of it!

  4. I prefer the term "hoax" to false flag in these operations; No one was killed. It's all media lies to what end, I don't know except to scare and confuse us.

    UPDATED: DC Navy Shipyard Shooting is a Hoax
    Note also that the recent DC ramming of a car into the White House barricades was also a hoax. Watch these videos before they are removed.

    Miriam Carey Capital Hill Shooting Hoax -
    Fake Witness "Patty Bills" Interview on CNN - YouTube
    Capital Hill Shooting Hoax - No Damage to the Front of Car & Where's Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton ? - YouTube

  5. Hey, Gary, it's good to hear you again! What fun they are having with those green screens. Loved your take on how the pets look as if they just came from the beauty parlor. I saw that on TV and never got it that this was a hoax too. The cat was gorgeous though it had been lost for weeks. Not my experience with cats!

    Kenya was also a hoax. That one I got rightaway:
    [Scores of amazing staged photographs by professional cameraman sent in to document the "attack."]

    What is going on? Almost everyday there's a hoax. psyop, false flag, or whatever.

  6. PS. I just had a thought.

    Maybe the photograph and video features of the phones have a lot to do with it. They don't have to develop film anymore and with a computer, they can produce photographic images very quickly as well as alter them and augment them in so many ways especially with green screen technology as well as all kinds of computer software. See the movie Wag the Dog.

    1. Hey Joan!, There are so few who really understand how often these major stories are just made up and produced in a single building, Fake news is so out of control that no one can believe it!

  7. Media Fakery is the weapon of mass distraction used by a pesky network of nutty power brokers (I like to call it "The Nutwork") to fool the world to their advantage. It has worked out nicely for them for centuries, for such is the essence of human nature that, when squarely duped, a man's ego will prefer to ignore the fact rather than dealing with it.

    The Nutwork and their subservient media conglomerates have long been well aware of this inherent weakness of mankind; their news-hoaxing tricks are routinely employed to generate incalculable profits and public consensus for waging murderous, barbaric wars of aggression. But their insane obsession for mass mind-control is now turning against them. Their wretched deception ploys are now exploding in their faces - one by one.

    by Simon Shack, 2010